biomindz — a successful life science and biotechnology hub designed for growth

Over the years, Mainz has developed a global reputation as a successful life sciences and biotechnology hub and today provides an ideal environment for both fundamental and application-based research as well as businesses.

The hub’s primary emphasis lies on immunology and individualized medicine, with a special focus on oncology. In addition, it boasts particularly strong expertise in diagnostics and analytics as well as other life sciences and technologies of the future.


Life science and biotechnology hub

A successful life science and biotechnology hub designed for growth

  • Unique location and infrastructure
    Biotech metropolitan region in the heart of Europe
  • Internationally recognized center of science
    Excellent research and development
biomindz region

Facts and goals for the hub:

  • 74

    The total space available in the city proper for start-ups, business relocation and expansion.

  • 2–9–6

    Two universities, nine research facilities and six hospitals create a sound knowledge base.

  • 40

    There are almost 40,000 students enrolled at Johannes Gutenberg University and Mainz University of Applied Sciences, forming the basis for an attractive and highly skilled labor market.

  • 25

    Mainz is located in central Europe, with excellent road, rail, waterway and air connections to global markets. Frankfurt Airport is only 25 minutes away.

  • 100

    Setting up an internationally recognized cluster for life sciences and biotechnology with around 100 members in the network.

  • 1
    B €

    Goals include the generation of 1 billion euros in private and public investment, as well as the creation of new and secure jobs.

Work in progress

About biomindz

To enable startups and companies to successfully establish and grow in Mainz, the biomindz Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Mainz mbH was founded as a municipally owned company. 

The organisation's primary task is to support the ongoing development and promotion of the life sciences and biotechnology sector in Mainz.

Fields of action

biomindz Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Mainz mbH is a municipal corporation and supports the city of Mainz in the further development of the life sciences and biotechnology industry here at the location. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Zentrale Beteiligungsgesellschaft der Stadt Mainz (ZBM). 

Our work focuses on four fields of action:

Working together with city and state

We work on behalf of the City of Mainz closely with other stakeholders from the city of Mainz and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate to achieve the common goal of ensuring that the life sciences and biotechnology industry from the city area and the surrounding area can continue to develop positively. Markenpartner

Mayor of the city of Mainz

Life Science Zentrum Mainz GmbH (LZM)

RLP biotechnology advisory board and coordinator