Life Science Campus for Biotech in Mainz: An Innovative Ecosystem for Research, Startups, and Growth

In Mainz, a 30-hectare Life Science Hub with clear future visions is currently being developed. The creation of a central campus area in close proximity to the university and college provides fertile ground for biotechnological innovations, bringing together scientists, founders, and entrepreneurs.

As the Mainz Development Corporation for Biotechnology, we aim to enable targeted campus development with future users to promote innovations in biotechnology and life sciences.

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With our interactive map, you get a direct insight into the outstanding location and modern infrastructure of the Life Science Campus in Mainz. See for yourself what makes it so special:

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The Biotech and Life Science Campus positions itself as a sustainable biotechnology site by utilizing its central location and proximity to the university and college, renowned research institutes, and modern core facilities to connect industry and science and foster innovations. An attractive location that promotes qualified professionals and guarantees quality of life.

We constantly inform all interested parties in our newsroom and on our LinkedIn page about the current status and present relevant highlights and innovations.

Learn more about the campus development and the advantages of locating a company, startup, or research institution on the Mainz Biotech and Life Science Campus.

With the establishment of the Life Science Campus, potentials for forward-looking innovations in research and science arise.

The construction has already successfully started: the first laboratory buildings are already being implemented on the areas. Further laboratory and office spaces by various project developers are already concretely planned for the coming years.

On our website, we always present the current status of construction activities around the Life Science Campus with the surrounding areas. In addition to the immediate neighborhood of the university campus, renowned laboratories and companies such as BioNTech, Novo Nordisk, or Schott Pharma are in close proximity to the Life Science and Biotech Campus. Get an extensive overview of projects and key players in the ecosystem that are part of the Life Science Hub Mainz.

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The Mainz Life Science Campus: Access to Talents and Leading Companies in the Biotech Industry

Startups and companies that relocate to the Mainz Life Science Campus for Biotech can benefit from numerous advantages – operationally and strategically, a Life Science Hub of this kind is a long-term competitive advantage for investors, founders, and companies in the biotechnology sector.

What Makes the Mainz Biotech Campus Unique?

The Life Science Campus stands out with its innovative ecosystem: companies and research institutions that decide to settle on the campus become part of a remarkable biotechnology cluster in Rhineland-Palatinate and the neighboring Rhine-Main-Neckar metropolitan region. This gives them access not only to highly qualified professionals in the industry but also to the latest scientific findings and state-of-the-art research technology. The central location and excellent transport connections make the site ideal for access to global markets. A win-win situation for all residents: the campus, with its short distances, offers a platform for the close exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices, which overall strengthens innovation.

Why Was Mainz Chosen as the Location?

Mainz is currently capitalizing on the momentum of international visibility through the successes of BioNTech, TRON, and Novo Nordisk. The resulting radiance is seen by the city of Mainz as an opportunity to establish itself as a competitive biotechnology location: with a Life Science Campus, startups and companies are supported in their settlement projects.

Mainz is located in the economically and scientifically strong Rhine-Main region and can thus draw on a pool of important players and professionals from the life science industry. The ideal transport connections by land, water, and air connect the city of Mainz with Europe and the world.

The Biotech and Life Science Campus represents the cosmopolitan and welcoming Mainz lifestyle, offering companies, professionals, and residents a livable, culture-rich environment for living and working. At the same time, the entire Life Science Hub bundles the knowledge resources and networking opportunities of various actors – the best conditions for researching, founding, and growing.

How Can Investors, Founders, and Entrepreneurs Benefit from the Campus?

With the Life Science Campus, the city of Mainz provides immediately available areas for founding and settling companies and startups. For investors, the campus is a safe and sustainable way to promote research and development – in an innovative ecosystem that positions itself visibly and sustainably externally.

Mainz relies on the synergy of scientific know-how, bold entrepreneurship, and forward-looking location policy to strengthen the life science and biotechnology sector. This foundation has already led to remarkable successes and aims to improve the quality of life for people worldwide. The Mainz location is set to grow further and bundle additional knowledge to advance the scientific revolution for the common good. Investors, founders, and entrepreneurs can participate in this positive development through their engagement and benefit from it.


Are you interested in areas for your startup, founding, or investment project? Or do you have general questions about the Life Science Campus? Feel free to contact us.


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Olaf Heinrich is in charge of helping the Life Science campus develop as a community. He started out working for several years as an attorney for a commercial law firm in Cologne, Germany, that specialized in real estate law before becoming corporate counsel at a company in the construction industry in 2000.

In 2002, he joined a federal project development company. Starting in 2007, he worked for CA Immo Deutschland GmbH, first as in-house counsel and then as head of branch office. In 2013, he moved to the public utility company Mainzer Stadtwerke as head of the real estate department, where his responsibilities included the development of the customs port and the Heiligkreuz district in Mainz.

Developing neighborhoods in which people are happy to work and live is a fascinating job, and one where we can actively help shape the future of the city. That is what motivates me, and it is also what I would like to achieve with the new campus.