Shaping the future in Mainz: The innovation hub for biotechnology start-ups

A central location in the heart of Europe, outstanding research infrastructure and strong growth potential: in recent years, Mainz has grown into an innovation hub for start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors in the field of biotechnology – with international appeal. You can find the most important information here.

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Mainz is the ideal location for start-ups that want to help shape the future of biotechnology in an innovative and future-orientated environment. This opens up numerous opportunities for biotech start-ups and companies to settle and grow in a life science and biotechnology hub with the best possible research conditions.

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As a biotech innovation centre, Mainz is the perfect starting point for life science and biotech start-ups.

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Internationally recognised as a centre of scientific research and growth, Mainz brings together outstanding educational and research institutions with strong players from the life science and biotechnology sector.

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Young companies and start-ups in particular can benefit from networking and exchanging ideas and expertise within the biotech ecosystem and realise their research projects in a professional, motivating environment.



The internationally growing biotechnology hub facilitates close dialogue with other start-ups, companies and research institutions on site.



Tailored support for innovative founders and start-ups

From extensive networking opportunities to individual support and guidance Life Science Zentrum Mainz GmbH (LZM) is a professional point of contact for founders in the area of biotechnology and the life sciences.

Furthermore, as part of the life science community in Mainz, founders will benefit from valuable contacts and a lively exchange of information. The location also contributes to the excellent conditions for start-ups with a competitive business tax rate.

What are the advantages of Mainz as a location for start-ups and founders from the biotechnology sector?

  • In the centre of Europe, in close proximity to Frankfurt Airport and the associated opportunities for accessing global markets, a modern innovation centre for biotechnology with great growth potential is in the making.
  • The Mainz metropolitan region and the Rhine-Main area are desirable locations for people with high demands on their quality of life.
  • The life science hub Mainz provides important resources for start-ups and founders in the field of biotechnology, promoting forward-looking innovation for society on a global scale.
  • The city of Mainz is characterised by dynamic growth through modern infrastructure and is known for its cosmopolitanism, the courage to grow and its wealth of ideas.
Surrounded by important players in biotech (BioNTech, Merck, Boehringer Ingelheim, etc.) and renowned research institutions, Mainz offers optimal conditions as an internationally relevant biotech innovation hub and has also set itself the goal of improving the quality of life of local residents. The location has a long list of international successes and recognition in biotechnology, which can be attributed to scientific expertise, an active ecosystem and far-sighted local policy-making.